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Received this e-mail today from Rep. Tammy Duckworth's (D. IL) U.S. Senate campaign on behalf of herself and California Attorney General Kamala Harris (D. CA) and Rep. Donna Edwards' (D. MD) U.S. Senate campaigns:
During my Army service, I always earned equal pay for equal work. The military's policy of fairness has not only created opportunities for women, but also contributes to making our military the best in the world.

Every woman in America deserves the same treatment. But we're not there yet. Today is Equal Pay Day, the date that marks how far into the year women must work, on average, to earn what their male counterparts earned the previous year.

So today, I'm joining Kamala Harris and Donna Edwards - fellow Democratic women running for Senate - to demand that Congress take action on equal pay. Add your name too:

Illinois women can earn an average of nearly $12,000 less than men annually. This isn't just a matter of equality - it's an economic problem that's making it hard for women in our state to support themselves and their families.

Today is an important opportunity to remind Congress that women everywhere are calling for an end to the wage gap, once and for all.

Thank you for adding your voice,


Click here to add your name:

And click here to donate and/or get involved with Duckworth, Harris and Edwards' campaigns:
7/8/14 2:18:05 PM -- Washington, DC, U.S.A  -- Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md., is interviewed by USA TODAY Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page for a Capital Download segment. --    Photo by Jack Gruber, USA TODAY staff ORG XMIT:  JG 131093 CAPDOWN EDWARDS 7/8/2014 [Via MerlinFTP Drop]
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Earlier this week I wrote a guest piece for Howie Klein's Down With Tyranny blog, if you missed it you can read it here by clicking here, about why we need campaign finance reform and what I've done to help advance reforms in the Illinois State Senate.

Yesterday, my bill, Illinois Clean Election Act, passed out of the State Senate's Election Law subcommittee.

This bill will create a system of public financing for statewide and legislative campaigns. Over a dozen states already have public financing in place and this would be a huge step in limiting the role outside money plays in our elections.

I am asking friends and progressive allies to sign our petition, that we will share with our Republican Governor and the legislative leaders to help urge passage of this bill.

About Mike Noland
Mike is an Illinois State Senator, first elected in 2006. He has been one of the most progressive members of the Senate and is exploring a run for Congress in IL-8 as a populist Democrat focused on economic recovery, ethics reform, and fighting for universal health care. You can follow him on Twitter @noland4congress and Facebook at

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U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Michael Rogers (L) and Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) attend the Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington March 11, 2014. The hearing is for Rogers' nomination to be Director of the National Secur
Sen. Mark Kirk (at right)
Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois is one of the most vulnerable Republicans seeking re-election next year. He just made his odds of winning a second term that much tougher with these jaw-dropping comments highlighted by the Huffington Post:
I want to make sure we have elected people constantly looking at helping the African-American community. With this state and all of its resources, we could sponsor a whole new class of potential innovators like George Washington Carver and eventually have a class of African-American billionaires. That would really adjust income differentials and make the diversity and outcome of the state much better so that the black community is not the one we drive faster through.
What can we possibly even say? It's not the first time Kirk's said something intemperate this year that he'll have to walk back. But he's supposedly one of the more "moderate" members of his party, so if even Kirk's going to spout offensive garbage like this, it's just one more sign that the GOP "makeover" is nothing but an ongoing disaster.
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Thanks to Howie Klein at for allowing me to share my views on campaign finance reform.

Continuing the Fight for Campaign Finance Reform
by Illinois State Senator Mike Noland

Our Congress is deadlocked; Washington is in a constant rut unable to pass even the smallest pieces of meaningful legislation. I believe that the root cause of this gridlock is our unregulated system of campaign financing. This current system makes candidates work for the highest bidder who can support their next campaign and not the voters who send them to Washington.

When I was first elected to the Illinois State Senate in 2006 there were NO LIMITS on how much could be donated to a candidate running for office.

My first campaign for the State Senate was one of the most expensive contests during that cycle. As the race heated up, both sides began to dump hundreds-of-thousands of dollars worth of mail, television advertising, and unregulated cash into my race. While I was happy to accept the cash from the Senate President, I knew that there would be strings attached, down the road.

It did not take me long to, realize how damaging Illinois’ unregulated campaign finance system was to our elected representatives, so I stood up and began to work to fix it.

You can read the whole blog by clicking here.

About Mike Noland
Mike is an Illinois State Senator, first elected in 2006. He has been one of the most progressive members of the Senate and is exploring a run for Congress in IL-8 as a populist Democrat focused on economic recovery, ethics reform, and fighting for universal health care. You can follow him on Twitter @noland4congress and Facebook at

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Wanted to pass this e-mail along from one of my favorite U.S. Senators in support of these three great candidates:
Our Midwest Values PAC supports candidates who will work for a stronger middle class -- and let me tell you, we’ve got a pretty solid team. With spring training wrapping up, I figure it’s time to introduce you to some of the new members of our lineup.

Here are a few of our 2015-2016 MVPs -- show them some love by making a $10 contribution.


    Awarded the Purple Heart for service to our country
    Steadfast fighter against Citizens United

Tammy Duckworth is an Iraq War veteran, a brand new mom, and an outstanding Congresswoman from Illinois. This year, Tammy is taking her work to the next level -- running for U.S. Senate. Can you pitch in $5 or more to help her out?


    Youngest statewide elected official in the country (33)
    Rooted out political corruption on two continents

Jason has a solid record of fighting corruption, in Afghanistan, as an army intelligence officer, and in his time in the Missouri legislature. He’s balanced budgets, cut wasteful spending, and protected Missouri families for years. Help out Jason’s campaign for Senate by chipping in a few dollars.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland poses behind his desk in his office in the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday, January 3, 2008.  (Chris Stephens/The Plain Dealer)

    Son of a steelworker; former Ohio governor (2006-2010)
    Hit a home run in helping defeat anti-worker legislation in Ohio in 2011

In Ohio, Ted Strickland is a veteran of the Democratic team. As a former Congressman and Governor, Ted’s record of supporting working families, children, and veterans is rock-solid. Ted’s ready to continue that work in the Senate -- click here to chip in $5 or more to help.

With their record of accomplishment for the middle class, these three MVPs can suit up for my team any time.

But as we know from experience, it’s going to take a huge grassroots effort to get them and all our other MVPs elected. We all need to step up. Contribute $5, $10, or more today.

Thanks for all of your help.


Click here to donate to these Democratic candidates campaigns:

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Republican candidate for governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner prepares to speak at a public forum at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois March 4, 2014. Wealthy venture capitalist Rauner has used $6 million of his own money to help catapult him pas
Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL)
Some Republicans elected to govern a blue state like Illinois would think about re-election and ease off the vicious cuts a little. Not Bruce Rauner, though. It's almost like he's trying to call attention to what he's doing and how stupid it is. Take the elimination of an autism program:
The Autism Project says Gov. Bruce Rauner confirmed the decision to cut funding for the remainder of the 2015 fiscal year Thursday - on World Autism Day.
That's attention-getting. But wait, there's more:
Advocates say for every dollar Illinois spends on its best-in-the-nation autism assistance programs, $7 are either earned or saved. So they say cutting well-honed programs that are doing right by their clients is at best misguided - if not plain cruel.
Some fiscal responsibility there, Gov. Rauner.

A Republican governor eliminating a highly effective, and cost-effective, program that helps vulnerable people live productive lives? Not a surprise. Basically the Republican agenda, in fact. Attracting attention to the cuts by cutting an autism program on World Autism Day? Thanks, I guess? If horrible Republicans are going to be horrible, they might as well advertise it. But that doesn't help the people the Autism Project has served, unfortunately.

(Via Crooks & Liars)

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Illinois' largest public utility will now be overseen by a mayor who pledged to keep renewable energy as part of its energy mix.

Springfield's Democratic Mayor-elect Jim Langfelder deserves credit for talking about clean energy. Some candidates avoided the topic because it's controversial after a wind power contract became more costly than expected. With most local news outlets focused on utility finances and rate increases, Langfelder could have avoided taking a clear position on where our power comes from.

But voters were given a real choice between a modern energy mix with renewable energy or "we've always done it that way." Scare tactics about clean energy causing rate increases didn't work this time. Springfield is already a better clean energy leader than Chicago and now the progress can continue.

Coal was being mined in Springfield when Abraham Lincoln represented the city in the state legislature. But this year, a new clean energy future was a winning issue in a coal-country election.

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Justus Howell - later shot dead in the back by police
Justus Howell, 17 years old, shot twice in the back by police
It never stops.
A teenager shot by a Zion police officer Saturday died of two gunshot wounds to the back, Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd announced Monday.

Justus Howell, 17, was shot twice, with one bullet penetrating his heart, spleen and liver, and the other entering his right shoulder, according to a coroner's news release on the autopsy.

His mother spoke to the local CBS affiliate:
His mother, LaToya Howell, said Justus wanted to go to medical school to be a surgeon.

“Justus was a young man murdered by Zion police,” she said. “As he was fleeing from police, they killed my son. He couldn’t have been a threat if he was running.”

Two immediate witnesses who saw the shooting and the aftermath confirmed that the officer shot Justus in the back. Although police stated that they found a weapon at the scene, witnesses said no such weapon was produced.
Michael Dizzone and his wife live in a home directly across the street from where Howell was shot. Dizzone said his wife was looking out of her bedroom window when she saw and heard the officer shoot Howell twice.

“She saw him fall to the ground,” Dizzone said. He said his wife told police what she saw and that she did not see a gun on or around Howell. “She was really upset.”

Bobbie Vaughn, who lives nearby, said she heard two shots and began running toward the scene, following a police officer. When she arrived, she saw Howell on the ground.
“I heard the officer tell the other officer, ‘I shot him,’ ” she said. “They were shaking him, but he didn’t move. He was on his stomach, so they turned him over and the police officer I was with gave him CPR.”

Vaughn said that she remained on the scene for quite some time and did not see police uncover a weapon.

“I didn’t see a gun, no knife, nothing,” she said.

More details are forthcoming.
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Illinois Sen, Mark Kirk talks on the telephone
Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), perhaps still feeling the sting from being stupid enough to sign on to Sen. Tom Cotton's (R-AR) infamous Iran letter, seems to have suddenly remembered he's running for re-election in Illinois, a state that will most definitely be blue in 2016. Running on his own personal health issues (while simultaneously opposing Obamacare) isn't likely to do the trick, so now he's jumping on a culture issue and attacking Indiana Gov. Mike Pence over that state's "okay to discriminate" law to seem less like a Republican.
"I strongly oppose what Governor Pence did. We should not enshrine bigotry under the cover of religion. It's not just bad practice—it's un-American," Kirk said in a statement Wednesday.
Kirk has apparently decided that being right on LGBT issues is going to be his ticket to keeping his seat. He also voted for a budget resolution amendment last week to grant spousal Social Security and veterans' benefits to married same-sex couples and last month signed an amicus brief supporting marriage equality in the upcoming Supreme Court case. Clearly, Kirk is more worried about his general election than a potential primary challenge from tea party nutjob Joe Walsh.
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U.S. Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth is going to announce a 2016 Senate run on Monday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.  She'll be challenging the incumbent GOP Sen. Mark Kirk. Kirk is seen as vulnerable -- the race is expected to be competitive. Tammy, a wounded Iraq war veteran, currently represents the 8th Congressional district which is located in northwest suburban Chicago.  Here's the story:

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Nearly half of Illinois voters oppose fracking, according to a new poll by the Simon Institute. The statewide poll reveals 48.6% oppose fracking while only 31.8% believe it should be encouraged, even if there are economic benefits. Opponents outnumber supporters an all regions of the state, including downstate where fracking is promoted as a jobs plan.

The numbers reinforce that fracking is one of the issues which cost Governor Pat Quinn support among Democrats and independents in his losing re-election campaign. Illinois Democratic voters overwhelmingly oppose fracking with 61.9% against and 19.7% in favor. Independents oppose it as well, with 48.3% against and 30.6% in support.

Any Illinois candidate looking for support from young voters should stand against fracking. A whopping 74% of 18-24 year-olds don't want it.

A solid 54% majority of Chicago residents are opposed. That's a bad sign for Rahm Emanuel who claims his aggregation deal is a clean energy victory, even though it powers Chicago with natural gas from the Marcellus shale fracking fields.

An election analysis released in January by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute identified low turnout among Democrats, and downstate opposition as reasons for Governor Pat Quinn losing re-election. During the campaign Quinn faced protests against his support for fracking, and as this poll shows, his position is unpopular among the Democratic base. With neither candidate for Governor taking a position against fracking, it left little reason for concerned voters to show up on election day.

There's no issue for which politicians and lobbyists in the statehouse bubble are more out of touch with Illinois voters than on fracking.

After a bill to regulate and launch fracking passed the Illinois legislature, industry lobbyists launched a campaign to portray opponents as a tiny fringe. Overwhelming public outcry against fracking at public hearings provided a reality check. A few accommodating statehouse green groups helped reinforced the false impression that regulation is a consensus middle ground. The Simon poll shows industry claims that fracking opposition is limited to a small group are outrageously false.

Some statehouse Democrats are still out of touch. Central Illinois Senator Dave Koehler recently introduced an amendment to the Illinois Clean Jobs bill that would allow some utilities to pay for converting coal plants to natural gas with a new fee charged to customers. The act creates a market-based carbon auction that may push coal plant operators to make minor upgrades or convert to natural gas. Koehler's amendment would help utilities to keep aging, polluting plants running at ratepayer expense rather than investing in new clean energy.

Most Illinois fracking is on hold, at least temporarily, due to low oil prices. Yet, the issue could play a roll in the 2016 election, particularly in Democratic primaries for U.S. Senate and Congress. Although some Democrats, like Pat Quinn and former Colorado Senator Mark Udall, have supported fracking regulation as a compromise middle crowd, it's a position that alienates voters on both sides of the issue while gaining support from no one but industry donors. Democratic candidates in a competitive primary would be smart to support a ban on fracking.

The poll question adopts a "jobs v. the environment" narrative which assumes fracking would benefit the economy. But, many residents oppose fracking because they don't believe another boom and bust extraction cycle will help the downstate economy. Most people don't want to locate their business or home in a community with poisoned water and air.

Low oil prices and public opposition provide an opportunity for downstate Illinois to build a healthy economy without the destructive impacts of fracking. As the poll shows, many voters are looking for leaders who offer more than empty assurances that regulation will make fracking safe or provide good jobs.

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UNITED STATES - NOVEMBER 13: Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., speaks with Roll Call at his desk in the Hart Senate Office Building on Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) on Tuesday said Democrats' refusal to pass an anti-human trafficking bill with anti-abortion language was akin to refusing to abolish slavery in the 19th century.

“They are making the same mistake that Democrats made in the 1850s when they defended slavery,” Kirk told reporters in the Capitol on Tuesday. “We should all be neo-abolitionists here, to make sure that there is no right in America to enslave others using the Internet.”

Democrats actually back the Justice for Victims of Human Trafficking Act, which passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support. Democrats are now refusing to support the legislation, which would create a fund for the victims of human trafficking, because they say that they were unaware that anti-abortion language was in the bill.

The language in the bill would prevent federal money in the compensation fund from being used for an abortion, except in the case of rape or incest, or if the life of the mother is in danger. This means that survivors of human trafficking who were raped would have a burden to prove they were raped to use money from the fund for an abortion. - Huffington Post, 3/18/15

This guy really is making himself a top target for Democrats come 2016. I can imagine a crowded primary happening soon. Personally I think Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D. IL) would be the best candidate but we shall see. Stay tuned.
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