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View Diary: Reading the Constitution is hard, if you're a teabagger (246 comments)

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  •  Constitution vs. Delcaration of Independence (6+ / 0-)

    Several months ago I met a Republican through a mutual friend.  "Mike" was shocked to learn I was going to vote for Obama.  He said, "Oh, you must be a single mother" and implied I must be voting Democratic because I must have depended on government assistance for years.  When our mutual friend said that I had been employed for 20 yrs at the same place, and that my child was an adult, Mike said it was really unusual for "someone like that" to vote Democratic.

    The conversation turned to him asking "why does the gov't have all those social programs anyway?", and I pointed out that the Constitution says that we will promote the general welfare of our citizens.  When he asked "where does it say that?" I started to recite "We The People..." and he yelled at me, nearly hit me and screamed "That's the Declaration of Independence! You don't know what you are talking about!!"

    OK, I don't pretend to be a Constituional scholar, but I am familiar with major documents of US history.  Even when presented with a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution (someone really carries that?) he refused to believe or listen further.

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