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  •  Why are Democrats trying to kill the EC?? (2+ / 0-)
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    maryru, FistJab

    It makes no sense. The Dems have carried the same 18 states + DC in every election since 1992.

    So for the past 20 years, the Democrats' BLUE WALL has provided them with 89.6% of the EC votes needed for a win.

    It's safe to say that New Mexico has joined the Blue Wall, pushing the Dems to base of 247 EC votes, and 91.4% of the 270 EC votes.

    Nevada and New Hampshire, have been won by the Dems by 4/6 and 5/6 of the last Pres elections and are both trending blue.

    Factor them in and the Blue Wall grows to 257 votes and 95.7%.

    Colorado and Virginia are also now more Democratic than the nation as a whole, meaning any competent Democrat simply has to turn out the base and the Dems essentially clinch the election.

    The GOP might control gerrymandering but the Dems have a near monopoly on the Electoral College.

    Getting rid of the Electoral College might work philosophically, but why would you unilaterally disarm your greatest strength?

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