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View Diary: Why the current GOP can't win Latinos (173 comments)

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  •  The Obvious Solution! "Anti-Vote Fraud" Laws! (8+ / 0-)

    Republicans aren't slow. Latinos won't vote for them. All the reasons why Latinos "should" be conservative Republicans won't change the fact that they aren't.

    So, they can't be allowed to vote. Period. Hence "vote fraud" laws designed as carefully as possible in as many states as possible to make it as hard as possible for them to vote.

    A LOT MORE of these laws will be passed by Republican legislatures in the next 8 years in a desperate attempt to keep Latinos from voting them into oblivion.

    They talk about "winning the Latino vote" but Krauthammer isn't Governor of WI, PA, OH, FL or any other state with a GOP legislature and Governor.

    For instance, since the GOP won back the WI state Senate they will be introducing a lot MORE "vote fraud" bills.

    Expect Republicans to:

    1. Restrict or eliminate early voting.

    2. Cut way back on polling hours and reduce the number of voting machines in urban areas. (Gotta keep those "illegal aliens" in line as long as possible, discourage as many as possible from voting).

    3. Pass even MORE restrictive voter ID laws which will be even MORE carefully designed so that it excludes as many Latinos as possible.

    They will get maximum encouragement from the Bush-bots on the Federal Courts who will rule that voting rights can be abridged as much as the states want..

    This is of course going to infuriate Latinos and lead to even further antagonism against the GOP. But, the Governors and state legislatures are in control of this process, NOT Marc Rubio or Jeb Bush!

    So, it's damn the critics, full speed ahead for the S.S. Racist GOP! In the long run it means disaster, but in the short run it might work!


    And they're focused exclusively on 2014 and 2016, not on the long term when they lose Texas in 2024.

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