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  •  Krauthammer needs to stop believing his own bullsh (0+ / 0-)

    bullshit.  Which bullshit is it this time?  The idea that being pro-family, having a strongly connected family, is the same thing as being pro-life.  What bullshit.

    My wife was pro-life.  She was in Operation Rescue before we got married, and was still doing community service because of one of Terry Randall's operations in LA she was involve with back around 1990.  

    Let me tell you... Having a teenage daughter going through puberty can make you turn 180 on the issue of abortion.  The first time I find out what kind of loser assholes she was associating with, I had a talk with her mom.  Consensus opinion: If she got pregnant, we were both going to throw a blanket over her head and carry her by force to an abortion clinic.  

    That's what being pro-family meant to us.  All that pro-life shit went right out the window.  

    Being pro-life is an ABSTRACT PHILOSOPHICAL AND RELIGIOUS POSITION that is far removed from day to day concerns of a family -- like the very real world prospect that you might get surprised by a pregnant daughter whose teenage boyfriend's face is covered with tattoos.  The issue of when life begins is so far out in the woowoo that people with real families can't worry about crap like that unless it's force fed them daily by right-wing peer groups to the extent that it drowns out their common sense concerns for the stability of their family.

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