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View Diary: Mitt Romney '47 percent watch': 47.47! (148 comments)

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    50.84% vs 47.45%

    51.01% for Obama is a lock.  It still seems like a stretch for Romney to sink to 46.99%, but he's dropped 0.05% today with a lot about 2M CA+NY+NJ votes on the table.

    40.76% NJ
    37.61% CA
    36.02% NY

    If he pulls in less than 40% of those 2M votes... gets interesting.  There are other states out that he won, such as Texas.  But also ones he lost like WA.

    •  Even in states Romney won, Obama may gain (1+ / 0-)
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      Because the provisionals probably favor him to some degree. He will probably do better among provisional voters than election day voters in most states, especially states like Texas, so the losses might be minimal when those states come in.

    •  Just an idea of how many votes it took to change (2+ / 0-)
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      democrattotheend, maryru

      2012: 127,054,584 --> 127,316,459

      50.81% --> 50.84%
      47.48% --> 47.45%

      261,875 moved the dial 0.03.

      It's going to take a lot of votes to move the dial 0.45, and clearly not all of the remaining votes out there are from big Obama areas.

      Though perhaps we can hope most of them are. :)

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