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View Diary: GOP can back immigration reform and suffer short term, or suffer forever (83 comments)

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    Both party leaderships are corporate whores (engaging in war-profiteering, torture, bankster bailouts, deregulated trade etc,) and are very adept at making pro-corporate policy appear beneficial to the average Joe. We’d better support policy based on our own economic best-interests.
    The Democratic base has never had a solid understanding of basic macroeconomics, the Law of Supply and Demand being the leading example. While the so-called ’protectionists’ continue to clearly explain (over the last forty f*cking years or so) about what happens when the supply of labor increases while consumer disposable income/demand remains relatively unchanged, it produces a lower demand for labor and downward pressure on wages (as has already happened through ‘free’ unrestricted trade). This stellar counsel continues to be ignored as an overwhelming majority of Democrats now support loosening immigration laws (which will also produce a supply of labor increase).
    The so-called ’protectionists’ will continue to be proven right on these issues (i.e. the Law of Supply and Demand is called a “Law” because it is, wait for it, A F*CKING PHYSICAL/PHISICAL LAW, i.e. it’s like gravity, there are NO F*CKING EXCEPTIONS TO THE LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND.
    Those who are well-off enough to profit from this supply of labor increase, mostly republicans (yes we must not forget that George W. Bush tried, and Ronald Reagan actually succeeded in INCREASING THE SUPPLY OF LABOR by legalizing millions of immigrants, which officially makes this yet another TRADITIONAL REPUBLICAN POLICY) will profit from the cheap labor while those who are not well-off enough to profit from the supply of labor increase will see their real wages fall (i.e. the Law of Supply and Demand). Consumers may get lower prices on some products/services, but it will be the ’save money live better’ mindfuck, downward pressure on wages will continue to outrun whatever savings they getting, because ALL OF THE CORPORATE SAVINGS (from the cheap labor) DO NOT GET PASSED DOWN TO THE CONSUMER.
    Whether one understands the economics or not, the idea that getting more democratic votes as automatically being the ticket for higher living-standards for the working-class (while ignoring time-tested LAWS of economics) is a belief for the politically blind. We’d better support policy based on our own economic best-interests.

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