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View Diary: NRA lackeys trying to change the subject of them being NRA lackeys (45 comments)

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    This post is based on several factual errors. The July 2011 event was a meet and greet set up for Sen. Hutchinson to get to know political and business leaders in Grundy County, which had just become a part of the 40th District. It was not a fundraiser, nor was it hosted by or sponsored by the ISRA. The Facebook posting was not done by Sen. Hutchinson, nor was she aware of it, and has no idea why it might have been “scrubbed”. In fact, the ISRA has never hosted a fundraiser for Sen. Hutchinson.  Anyone is free to support anyone they choose, but a misleading caricature of a proud and accomplished progressive like Senator Hutchinson adds nothing to this race.  

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      Trashing Toi and Debbie is getting very old by people who have no understanding of the new IL-2 and have never been here.

      Lack of jobs is a bigger issue.

      I'm trying to figure out how the gun litmus test is any different than the religious right's one issue abortion stance or the Tea Party crowd's No taxes/revenue pledge?

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