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    Shortly after the Goldwater election debacle when most of the media proclaimed the imminent death of the Republican Party, I went around to progressives and progressive groups and urged them to consider joining the Republican Party. I argued at the time that the reports of the Republican Party's demise were greatly exaggerated and that all the election defeat did was caused some of the more liberal members of the Party to abandon it, making it even more conservative. Nevertheless, I insisted, were progressives able to gain control of the party during its nadir, the establishment of a true progressive party was possible. The Democratic Party then as now was little more than a coalition of far right to leftist elements that appeared comfortable holding diametrically opposed political positions on most issues.

        I was laughed at. They were probably right at the time. I was young and believed whole heartedly in the power of generalization and simple solutions. Now older and more skeptical I see things more as long-term conflicts. A war is not a battle although we all like to think it is. We even make movies and write books as though it is so.

        It was argued that the Republican Party could never again rise from the ashes of that defeat; that conservatism will always remain the political philosophy of a minority.

        But, I responded, what happens if they run a conservative in a velvet glove, someone popular say like Ronald Reagan who was making noises at that time about entering politics.

        I was laughed at again. They replied that that second rate actor could never get elected. I had to agree with them. Even I believed Ronnie probably could not get elected to a school board in Orange County.

        Now over forty years later we are faced with a Republican Party again in crisis having suffered a disastrous loss at the polls. We are told that not only is that party unravelling but the demographics look bright for future prospects of the Democrats and the progressive agenda.

        Alas, I heard something like that same smugness 40 years ago. Yet only a decade later we witnessed the wholesale defection of  two of the Democratic Party's "bedrocks" to the Republicans;
    the working men and women who became first Reagan Democrats and then rock solid Republicans and; the Southern Democratic political establishment that converted en-mass to the Republican Party in response to the civil rights movement.

        The concept that ten to twenty years from now, Latinos, blacks, women, gays and whomever else makes up the current progressive bedrock, once their immediate social interests are obtained, will not become the conservatives and reactionaries of the future is as unrealistic now as it was forty years ago.

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