The special election in the Chicago-based Illinois 2nd Congressional District has become a referendum on the NRA, as it should be. Of the three top candidates, two have boasted of their "A" rating from the NRA, while the third, our Orange-to-Blue endorsed Robin Kelly, is quite proud of her "F".

One of those gun-lobby-backed candidates, Toi Hutchison, is now whining that Kelly is making this a single issue campaign, and that she has now "moderated" her gun zealotry. But it really wasn't that long ago that she was scooping up gun-lobby cash:

Facebook invite for Illinois State Rifle Association fundraiser for Toi Hutchison.
Goal ThermometerThe Illinois State Rifle Association is the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association, and she had no problem attending their fundraisers, scooping up their cash, and enabling their agenda in Springfield.

Yet now she wants to run from that record and claim that she's pulled a Mitt Romney—180-degree overnight conversion when politically expedient. She claims Sandy Hook made her change her mind, but 500 gun-related deaths in Chicago last year didn't?

Then there's former front-runner Debbie Halvorson, was still touting her NRA bona fides on Facebook in December:

I’ve worked with the NRA, law enforcement and gun control advocates. If we have any hope of finding a solution, we need to elect someone who can bring all sides to the table to pass reasonable gun control along with programs that catch and treat mentally ill individuals before they become dangerous.
But now, with over $600K in Bloomberg attack ads educating the district about her NRA record and her numbers suffering accordingly, she's also gone into whine mode:
At one point, though, the weight of the gun issue on Halvorson surfaced. "This is the thing everybody wants to take out on me," she said. "You don’t know how frustrating this is…when this is the only thing people want to talk about with me."
And that Facebook post? It's been scrubbed.

Over 2,600 of you have already given to Robin Kelly. Let's send a message to the extremist gun lobby that their days of electoral supremacy have come to an end. Give $3 to Robin Kelly!

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Thu Feb 07, 2013 at 07:30 AM PST.

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