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On November 5th Fox Nation featured a thread with the presumptuous  title: "ROMNEY WILL WIN" in its top spot.

                                          'ROMNEY WILL WIN'

Rove says he believes the race will be very close, but predicts Romney gets between 279 and 286 votes in the electoral college and wins the popular vote by 2 to 2.5%.

Michael Barone explains why he believes Romney will win handily on Tuesday on FOX News' "Huckabee" program. Barone expects Romney to win Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Peggy Noonan: Romney will win

Now to the comments:

When Õbama is defeated and gets back to Chicago, he's going to be the biggest race trouble maker in history.  Jessi Jackson and Al Sharpton will pale in comparison.


Romney/Ryan will win 55-58% vote 290-300 electoal and the Country Wins!!PERIOD!!


The boys at CU have been right 100% of the time since 1980.  Their numbers are less optimistic for how large Mitt will win by than the only 2 credible polls.  The Mitt win looks even larger at unskewed  

An update to an election forecasting model announced by two University of Colorado professors in August continues to project that Mitt Romney will win the 2012 presidential election.According to their updated analysis, Romney is projected to receive 330 of the total 538 Electoral College votes. President Barack Obama is expected to receive 208 votes -- down five votes from their initial prediction -- and short of the 270 needed to win.Of the 13 battleground states identified in the model, the only one to change in the update was New Mexico -- now seen as a narrow victory for Romney. The model foresees Romney carrying New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. Obama is predicted to win Michigan and Nevada.


If you want to have some laughs....tomorrow night, watch WGN NEWS out of Chicago and see the 'sorrow' engulfing the city as Obama keeps on losing state after state. Watch live streaming on the internet....WGNTV.COM  Also, it's possible Obama may even lose the state of Illinois because of the Cook County (city of Chicago) suburbs. They are leaning towards Romney now. If you combine those numbers with the rest of the state it's possible to see even the state of Illinois go Romney. We'll see.


Sorry for you libs . Sorry that Obama has done such a terrible job.

Better luck next time.

Romney has it for 8yrs, then Ryan 8yrs...


Someone quoted the PPP poll here is the truth about PPP:

 Public Policy Polling (PPP) is a U.S. polling firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina.[1][2][3] PPP was founded in 2001 by businessman and Democratic pollster Dean Debnam, the firm's current president and chief executive officer.[1][4] The company's surveys use Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an automated questionnaire used by other polling firms such as SurveyUSA and Rasmussen Reports.[5]PPP's polls have been described as "Democratic-leaning,"[6].


Hopefully, after this illegal in office is out we can address the liberal cult for what it really is and it is not a political party by any definition....


President Romney will be giving his acceptance speech before the CA. polls close

obamas fault

Polls were all manipulated....Lib media is doing there beat to hold on to the socialist/marxist obama..


Obama may jump out to a lead in the morning votes, but as soon as the repubs and indes get off of work,

Obama will lose in a land slide!

USA hates libs


protecting the right to vote.


Vegas bookies will not even take any bets for a Romney win.. have not done so for over 8 days... What does that tell ya..?


I love how the Left wing nuts that support Obama use a wide brush to paint anyone against Obama as an Old White religious Right winger

They are gonna be shocked when us young Independents vote Obama out  ... we didn't drink the koolaid and know a failure when we see Obama


Obama supporters starting to panic. i guess municipalities better get their riot gear out--the Obamatards will be burning down their own cities starting in 24 hours.


Will a landslide victory by Mitt Romney tomorrow finally be the end of MSNBC?

We can only hope....

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