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This won't require a lot of explanation. I decided to count as many incidents as I could of firearms being discharged on "Gun Appreciation Day," and what happened as a result. After hearing the news of five woundings in separate accidental shootings at three different gun shows during the day, I got curious about how many other incidents, both intentional and unintentional, might have happened during the day.

I'm sure that my list is not comprehensive. All I did was search Google news. Still, I came up with a list of 110 separate incidents in 35 states and the District of Columbia, killing a total of 40 people and wounding 71 more.

Additional methodology note: For the purposes of this list, I have defined gun "incidents" as those in which there was a discharge, intentional or otherwise. There is one exception on the list: an incident in Las Vegas, NV in which an elected state representative brandished a gun and threatened to shoot the Speaker-elect of the Nevada state legislature. I thought that merited consideration, though strictly speaking, that might open the list to the inclusion of armed robberies and the like, even if no shots were fired. Though it's certainly well within reason to argue that such incidents should be included, they threaten to make the list unmanageable, and perhaps dilute its impact. But the subject is certainly open for discussion.

If it makes conservatives feel any better, the state legislator arrested is a Democrat.

Take in the full list, below the fold.

  1. Clarksburg, OH; 12:00 am EST. No injuries
  2. Providence, RI; 12:30 am EST. 1 wounded
  3. Buffalo, NY; 1:00 am EST. 1 dead
  4. Columbus, GA; 1:00 am EST. No injuries
  5. Cleveland, OH; 1:04 am EST. 1 dead, 1 wounded
  6. Hamilton, OH; 12:20 CST. No injuries
  7. Odenton, MD; 1:30am EST. 2 wounded
  8. Kingston, NY; 1:45 am EST. 1 wounded
  9. Allentown, PA; 2:00 am EST. 1 dead
  10. Columbus, GA; 2:07 am EST. 1 incidentally wounded
  11. Kirksville, MO; 1:30 am CST. No injuries, no property damage
  12. Elmira, NY; 2:30 am EST. No injuries reported
  13. Washington, DC; 2:30 am EST. 1 dead
  14. Gresham, OR; 12:00 am PST. 1 dead
  15. Spartanburg, SC; early am EST 1 wounded
  16. Charlotte, NC; 3:00 am EST. 1 wounded
  17. Baton Rouge, LA; 2:09 am CST. 1 dead
  18. Aurora, CO; 1:25 am MST. 1 dead
  19. Greensboro, NC; 3:30 am EST. 1 dead
  20. McDonough, GA; 3:30 am EST. 1 dead
  21. Chicago, IL; 4:00 am CST. 1 wounded
  22. Salem, OR; 1:00 am PST. 1 wounded
  23. North Platte, NE; 3:30 am CST. No injuries
  24. Colorado Springs, CO; 2:00 am MST. 1 wounded
  25. Danville, IL; 3:00 am CST. 1 wounded
  26. Sioux City, IA; 3:19 am CST. Property damage, no injuries
  27. Las Vegas, NV; 2:00 am PST. 2 wounded
  28. San Francisco, CA; 2:25 am PST; 1 wounded
  29. St. Louis, MO; 4:00 am CST. 1 dead
  30. Chico, CA; 2:24 am PST. 2 wounded
  31. Big Beaver, PA; 6:30 am EST. No injuries
  32. Anchorage, AK; 2:45 am AKST. 1 wounded
  33. Loleta, CA; 4:15 am PST. Incidental injury
  34. Yuma, AZ; 5:45 am MST. Property damage, no injuries
  35. Tallahassee, FL; 8:30 am EST. 1 wounded
  36. Trinidad, OR; 8:00 am PST. 1 dead
  37. Moscow, ID; 9:00 am PST. 1 dead
  38. Stow Creek, NJ; 12:30 pm EST. 1 wounded
  39. Jackson, MS; 12:00 pm CST. 1 wounded
  40. Franklin Co., TX; 12:00 pm CST. 1 dead
  41. Madison, WI; afternoon CST. No injuries
  42. Little Rock, AR; 12:10 pm CST. 2 wounded
  43. Raleigh, NC; 1:15 pm EST. 3 wounded
  44. Cleveland, OH; 1:45 pm EST. 1 dead
  45. Hampton, VA; 1:46 pm EST. 2 dead
  46. Long Beach, CA; 10:50 am PST. 1 wounded
  47. Las Vegas, NV; 11:15 am PST. 2 wounded
  48. Walterboro, SC; 2:30 pm. 1 wounded
  49. Kansas City, KS; 1:40 pm CST. 1 dead
  50. Chicago, IL; 1:49 pm CST. 1 wounded
  51. Medina, OH; 3:00 pm EST. 1 wounded
  52. Idaho Falls, ID; 1:00 pm MST. 1 dead
  53. Chicago, IL; 2:00 pm CST. 1 wounded
  54. London, KY; afternoon EST. 14-year-old wounded
  55. London, KY; afternoon EST. 45-year-old wounded in separate incident
  56. San Leandro, CA; 12:20 pm PST. 1 dead, 1 wounded
  57. Dothan, AL; unknown time. Property damage, no injuries
  58. Port Edwards, WI; 3:00 pm CST. 1 wounded
  59. Ft. Wayne, IN; 4:00 pm EST. 1 dead, 1 wounded
  60. Boonville, MO; 3:07 pm CST. 1 wounded
  61. Indianapolis, IN; 4:15 pm EST. 1 wounded
  62. San Jacinto, CA; 2:00 pm PST. 1 wounded
  63. Colorado Springs, CO; time unknown MST. 2 wounded
  64. Lake City, AR; 4:30 pm CST. 1 dead, 1 wounded
  65. Las Vegas, NV; 3:45 pm PST. No injuries reported
  66. Concord, CA; 3:55 pm PST. No injuries reported
  67. Long Beach, CA; 4:30 pm PST. 1 dead, 1 wounded
  68. Rosewood, FL; evening EST. 1 dead
  69. Oklahoma City, OK; 7:00 pm CST. 1 wounded
  70. Springfield, MA; 8:00 pm EST. Property damage; no injuries
  71. Greenwood, SC; 8:00 pm EST. 2 wounded
  72. Winchester, KY; 8:02 pm EST. 1 wounded
  73. Philadelphia, PA; night EST. 1 wounded
  74. Mad River Township, OH; night EST. No injuries reported
  75. Nashville, TN; night CST. 1 wounded
  76. San Francisco, CA; 5:30 pm PST. 1 dead
  77. Monroe, LA; night CST. 1 wounded
  78. Sanford, FL; multiple incidents EST. Property damage, no injuries
  79. Odessa, TX; 7:52 pm CST. 1 wounded
  80. Tempe, AZ; 7:15 MST. 1 wounded
  81. Livingston, CA; 6:23 pm PST. 2 wounded
  82. Huntsville, AL; 8:30 pm CST. 1 wounded (life-threatening)
  83. Atlanta, GA; 10:00 pm EST. 1 wounded
  84. San Rafael, CA; 7:00 pm PST. No injuries
  85. Greenville, SC; 10:06 pm EST. 1 dead
  86. Chicago, IL; 9:19 pm CST. 1 wounded
  87. Boston, MA; 10:30 pm EST. Pit bull killed by police officers
  88. Thomasville, NC; 10:38 pm EST. 1 dead
  89. Fall River, MA; 11:00 pm. No injuries
  90. Long Beach, CA; 8:00 pm PST. 1 wounded
  91. Memphis, TN; 10:00 pm CST. 1 dead
  92. Little Rock, AR; 10:00 pm CST. 1 dead
  93. Grapevine, TX; 10:00 pm CST. 2 dead
  94. Picayune, MS; 10:00 pm CST. 1 dead
  95. Chicago, IL; 10:00 pm CST. 1 wounded
  96. Albuquerque, NM; 9:15 pm MST. 5 dead
  97. Orlando, FL; night EST. 1 wounded
  98. Sarasota, FL; 11:45 pm EST. 1 wounded
  99. Tallahassee, FL; 11:45 pm. 1 wounded
  100. Farmington, NM; time unknown. No injuries
  101. Columbia, SC; approximately 11:50 pm EST. 1 wounded
  102. Ft. Washington, MD; approximately 11:55 pm EST. 1 dead
  103. North Charleston, SC; night EST. 2 wounded
  104. Aloha, OR; 9:00 pm PST. 1 wounded
  105. Pomona, CA; 9:12 pm PST. 3 wounded
  106. Woodville, CA; 9:45 pm PST. 1 dead, 1 wounded
  107. Fresno, CA; 10:00 pm PST. No injuries
  108. Los Angeles, CA; 10:15 pm PST. 1 dead
  109. Santa Ana, CA; 11:40 pm PST. 1 dead
  110. Porterville, CA; 11:40 pm PST. Incidental injuries

Originally posted to David Waldman on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 11:07 AM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA, Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), and Daily Kos.

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