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I'll be running to the bathroom for a few minutes. My stomach hasn't been feeling great today, so I may be gone a while.

By the way, this one poster here posted this really nasty diatribe against me and then I responded and then this other poster who had the wrong opinion on this one subject (the same opinion the first poster had, the one who posted the diatribe about me) also jumped in and said some bad things about me, so, of course, I responded in kind and I'm not proud of that but if you read the posts they put up about me you would see why I was justified in calling them "poopyheads," "turdbrains" and "fecesnoggins" because of what they had written about me in some posts on this subject where they know they are wrong, but they continue to hold these wrong views even after I (and a number of others who hold the right views) patiently explained to them why they were/are wrong and will always and forever be wrong no matter what names these diarrheaskulls say to "support" their entirely wrong point of view on the subject that I know you will agree with me because my point of view is correct and unassailable and so when I called them names after they had written really the most awful things about me including how I have a tendency to write long, uninterrupted, run-on and not-completely-coherent sentences (which they're wrong about, of course) and some other things they said about me (I am using "said" loosely as a reference to things they actually wrote about me here on Daily Kos) especially that one poster who implied that I may enjoy sex with my dog but who obviously never met my dog (and I'm using "met" much I like used "said," above, because I don't think this nasty person has ever met my dog, Rex, in person though this person may have "met" Rex online in this forum where Rex occasionally writes from time to time though he spends most of his time on Twitter these days) because if this awful excuse for a human being had ever met my dog, this excrementcabeza would understand that having sex with my dog would not be something anyone would want to do except for maybe the very scoundrel who posted such a vile insult in the first place because that person has shit-for-brains.

All this talk of defecating has made my TTFN rather urgent. I will update this TTFN when I return.

Thank you for supporting me in my time lower GI grumbling.

10:38 AM PT: [Please note that this UPDATE has been posted via Bob Johnson's Daily Kos "bot" posting system.]

On a related note, some of you may wish to peruse one of Bob's earlier diaries on a similar matter penned during (yet another) period of infighting on the Daily Kos, originally published on April 21, 2011:

RFTB trolls ruining RFTT diaries

Please note that Bob will turn off the Bob Johnson Daily Kos Bot Posting System upon his return.

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