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To:  Steve Kornacki

From:  DK Christiegate Blogger Representative Shane

Re:  Please help us out?

Dear Mr. Kornacki,

Quite a few of us here at the DK have been following Christiegate with fervor, avid and close to unseemly fascination, and we universally appreciate the way you’ve ‘driven’ the investigation.  Personally I dvr’d and saved your interview with Dawn Zimmer, to use as an antidote, just in case I happen to gag while watching the man who doesn’t live in Drumthwacket work his magic.

We sort of see it as interactive news, in that we generously share links with each other, offer speculations and collectively resist any suggestion we’re obsessed nutcases. We see Christiegate as the 21st century Watergate, not because of the stature of the players, which is objectively lower (if not baser), but because of the exposure of their stunted imaginations and their tiny aspirations.  Christie and his gang’s unwillingness to pass up the slightest possible gain thrills and amazes us. Their failure to look head comforts us; the sowing of their own seeds of destruction entertains us.

We see your old friend Wally Edge as the man from La Mancha, or that clever fellow in the labyrinth who dropped crumbs so he could find his way out. It’s all quite the story.  

But, there are a few things we’d please like you to investigate for us, if you don’t mind?

Firstly, please find out who ordered Port Authority PD on day one of the traffic ‘test’ to ‘spend an extended period working the intersections and implementing diversions that further congested the borough?’  Specifically ‘traffic traveling north on Central was not permitted to make a left hand turn onto Bruce Reynolds Blvd. but forced to make a right to Hudson Terrace and get on the end of the queue approaching from Martha Washington Way?’  

You reported Durando had recommended a slightly different complication to further inflict delays on Ft. Lee drivers, that the Ft. Lee Police Chief saw through and countered with “just open all three lanes, wassa matta with ye?” But, the PAPD actually carried out this one, seemingly all on their own; the engineers referred to this diversion as “an incident?” So, could you find out who ordered it up?  

Secondly, please kindly explain what’s up with the New Jersey Transit?  Why did they need to pay General Samson’s firm to help them get a better deal from the PA, don’t they have elected insiders on their Board, such as New Jersey Governor and Transit Board member Chris Christie, that could have asked on behalf of the NJT for free?  

And thirdly, what about Jersey City?  Jersey City screams for your attention, begs, virtually grovels.

Okay, Jersey City sued the PA, the PA threatened retaliation, and this month the PA closed weekend rail service between Jersey City and Silent Governor Cuomo’s State, but could you find out if this is sufficient revenge or if they have more in their store?  

(Does it seem to you that the PA is punishing the least powerful, I mean, what kind of jobs are on weekends in Manhattan?  Does this not sound to you like waiting tables and cleaning offices?)  

Fourthly, could you please explain how Dawn Zimmer and Christina Renna can both be represented by the same law partnership?  How can there not be a conflict of interest between a Christie office insider and the Mayor of a City who says she received a warning from that office?  

And lastly, which police officers are assigned to driving Christie around and flying his helicopter?  Are they State Police or Port Authority police, and/or what is the difference?  Bonus question: Who approved the design of their uniforms?  

If you have the time to look into these matters for us Mr. Kornacki, we’ll be extra appreciative.  We may have the occasional follow-up question, or even some brand new ones, but please begin with these?  

Thank you in advance on behalf of Christiegate blogger-investigators everywhere (including, but not limited to, the UK, Canada, California, and even New Jersey).

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