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Rush Limbaugh shouting.
The news for talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, continues to go from bad to worse… to even worst than that. That means the news gets better and better for hundreds of thousands of Limbaugh protestors. On Monday, Rush not only lost another radio station (this time, it's KLN in Nebraska), the hate radio host experienced one full minute of dear airtime on his show.
KLIN was founded in 1946 with the call letters KOLN. Station owner, John Fetzer, went on to found KOLN-TV in 1953.[3] Fetzer broke up his broadcasting empire in 1985, and the two stations went their separate ways, with the television station keeping the original calls.

In August 2007, Triad Broadcasting sold KLIN to NRG Media.[4]

On May 3, 2012 KLIN began simulcasting on FM translator K233AN 94.5 FM.[5] The simulcast lasted until August 26, 2014, when K233AN switched to a simulcast of KBBK's HD2 subchannel.

KLIN is the flagship station of Nebraska Cornhuskers football and basketball, sharing that status with Omaha's KFAB, as well as an affiliate for the Detroit Lions Radio Network. The Lions affiliation stems from the presence of former Nebraska All-American defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh on Detroit's roster.

The dead air audio is found in the * Database, where hard-working volunteers document the stations they monitor. In a 'Details' report for Alanon, there is  a little audio tab where you'll hear the PSA (Public Service Announcement) followed by a minute of 'dead air,' which simply means radio silence. One minute may not sound like a long time. In radio, it's like a lifetime. Dead air is described as one of the worst things that can happen to a station. Impatient listeners switch to another station.
Incident Report
for Al-Anon (PSA)
Date Heard    Station    Report Type    Details
08/25/2014    WWCK    Heard an ad   

The reason for including this free PSA is to highlight one minute of dead air which follows this spot.

As one dedicated volunteer, Gary Flinn puts it: 'Enjoy the silence.':
Hundreds of thousands of people are protesting Rush Limbaugh's racism, homophobia, misogyny and bigotry. The folks at StopRush, FlushRush and BoycottRush work hard to make it easy for anyone to join this incredibly effective protest:
Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor & Clear Channel Petition
Visit/Like: BoycottRush Facebook Group
Join: The Fight To Flush Rush
* Visit: for a list of Limbaugh Sponsors
Tweet: @FlushRush on Twitter
Thank You Daily Kos Writer, Richard Myers. Rest In Peace. We Will Finish This.

Special thanks to Freya, Gary Flinn, K.Fox, and all the hardworking boycott/stoprush/flushrush volunteers.

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